In 1996, YTV was the viewing destination for kids 8-12. They ate up the aspirational cool of the programming, interstitials and promo spots. But by 1997 YTV had research showing their audience was waning, so the tween powerhouse decided to rebrand. Pulling a 180, they ditched the Raygun magazine typography treatments, skater cool and grunge jump cuts for a new vibe. Imaginative, wacked-out, and loopy humour was the new direction. I was one of five writer-producer-directors hired to create and launch the game-changing KEEP IT WEIRD campaign from 1997-2000, winning numerous awards at The New York Festivals, BDA, and Promax. The aftershocks of Keep it Weird, were felt for years, influencing endless TV commercials from popping Pizza Pops to exploding Fruit Gushers. We had birthed a monster.